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The IMEI is a unique identifier for each mobile phone, and it is one of those pieces of information that you will need at times like if you have tried to unlock your smartphone, if you have taken it to the technical service or if you have had to call your operator to block it because it has been stolen or lost.

Let's start by explaining exactly what this code is and what the numbers in it mean. Then we will tell you the easiest way to get it, because remember that it is important that you know it for every management you have to do.

What is the IMEI?

The term IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity, and is a unique identifier that each mobile phone has. This means that your mobile phone's IMEI number is not held by any other phone in the world, and when your device connects to a network it automatically sends this identifier.

We can therefore speak of a kind of unique identity card for each device, with which you can identify it without error worldwide. Knowing this number will allow you to block your device in case of theft, for which you will only have to notify the operator of the number. It will also allow you to unlock your phone for use with any operator regardless of make or model.

What constitutes a blacklisted IMEI?

An IMEI can be blacklisted if the associated device is reported as lost or stolen. Following such a report, the IMEI is typically added to the databases of most operators, effectively preventing its use.

Can a phone have multiple IMEIs?

Indeed, in the case of a dual SIM model, a phone may possess two IMEIs. This configuration signifies one modem, registered with two distinct networks, necessitating a unique IMEI for each network registration.

How do I locate my phone’s IMEI?

Discovering your phone’s IMEI number is quite simple; just dial *#06#. Typically, you need not press any additional buttons, as the IMEI promptly displays once you finish dialing the code.

What is a serial number?

Essentially, a phone’s serial number is a code comprised of numbers and/or letters, serving to identify the device’s manufacturing details, including time and place, along with basic specifications. It also aids in verifying the product's authenticity.

Is it safe to check my phone’s IMEI?

Absolutely. There's no cause for concern when checking your phone’s IMEI number. It's a straightforward process that poses no risk to your device, merely involving retrieving information related to your phone.

What defines a SIM lock?

A SIM-locked phone is one that accepts only SIM cards issued by the network operator from which it was purchased, typically limited to a specific country. Upon inserting a SIM from another operator, it typically prompts for an unlock code.

How does a phone end up on the blacklist?

In instances of theft or loss, the initial step is to contact the operator from which the phone was purchased and report the incident. Usually, you'll need to provide documentation verifying the purchase.

And what about an eSIM?

An eSIM, touted as the successor to traditional SIM cards, is an embedded chip within a phone that cannot be physically removed. Its information is rewriteable, facilitating the possibility of changing operators.