IMEI to model check

Get phone model from IMEI

Dial *#06# to see your device IMEI

All phone models and brands are supported allows you to detect exact model of device by IMEI. Simply enter your IMEI number from your device into the box above and we will tell you the brand and model name of the device.

What is the IMEI and how to check the IMEI number on your device

The IMEI is a unique identifier for each mobile phone, and it is one of those pieces of information that you will need at times like if you have tried to unlock your smartphone, if you have taken it to the technical service or if you have had to call your operator to block it because it has been stolen or lost.

Let's start by explaining exactly what this code is and what the numbers in it mean. Then we will tell you the easiest way to get it, because remember that it is important that you know it for every management you have to do.

What is the IMEI?

The term IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity, and is a unique identifier that each mobile phone has. This means that your mobile phone's IMEI number is not held by any other phone in the world, and when your device connects to a network it automatically sends this identifier.

We can therefore speak of a kind of unique identity card for each device, with which you can identify it without error worldwide. Knowing this number will allow you to block your device in case of theft, for which you will only have to notify the operator of the number. It will also allow you to unlock your phone for use with any operator regardless of make or model.

The IMEI of your mobile phone has 15 digits, and has no relation with your operator, although it does include alphabetical references of the device and the country where it was manufactured. The code consists of four parts, which are explained below:

  • TAC or Type Allocation Code: Composed of the first 6 digits. Of these, the first two indicate the RBI, which is the organization responsible for regulating the phone sold, and therefore the country where it was manufactured.
  • FAC or Final Assembly Code: Composed of the following two digits, which indicate the manufacturer of the equipment.
  • Serial Number: These are the next six digits, and indicate the phone's serial number (SNR).
  • Verifier Code: It is the last digit of the IMEI, and it is a number that verifies that the IMEI is correct.

How to know what IMEI my mobile has

To prevent future setbacks it is very important that you know the IMEI of your mobile phone and have it written down everywhere. You will find the IMEI on your device box or printed on the back. But if for some reason you can't find it, it's enough to make a call to the code *#06# and the IMEI will appear on the screen.

How to know the IMEI in IOS

On your iPhone, you can also find it by going to Settings. Once you're in, choose the General option, and then tap Information. You will go to a panel where you are given several data about your mobile phone, including its IMEI.

How to know the IMEI on Android

Although it's a bit more complicated, you can also find the IMEI in the Android Settings menu. Just go to Phone Info, and there go to the Status section. There you will find another option to display the IMEI. Note that the path may vary slightly depending on the customization layer that each manufacturer puts on Android.