T-mobile IMEI checker free

Check if your device is reported and blacklisted or not

Dial *#06# for see IMEI. All phone models are supported.

What is the IMEI? How do I get it?

The IMEI is a number between 15 and 17 digits that identifies your mobile phone and differentiates it from all others.

It is a license plate or serial number that serves to make our mobile phone unique and unrepeatable.

It means 'International Mobile Equipment Identity' in English, and is composed of the following structure: TAC (Type Allocation Code): The first 6 digits. Final Assembly Code (FAC): The digits 7 and 8 refer to the manufacturer of the phone. Serial Number: The next six digits (9-14) Verifier Code: The last digit, used only as a verifier.

You can get it by entering *#06# on the phone's display.

What is IMEI blocking for theft, loss or blacklist?

When a customer reports a lost or stolen phone to their operator, it becomes part of a large database in which most operators worldwide collaborate.

If you try to use a reported phone/blacklist, it will most likely not connect to the network properly. If you have wifi, you will be able to surf the internet and perhaps even send SMS, but you will not be able to make or receive calls.

How can I remove the report of theft or blacklist?

The theft report can only be removed by contacting the operator who activated the active report. To find out the details of the country, operator and reason for the report, fill out the form above with your IMEI and email address.

To remove the theft report, the operator will ask for the original purchase invoice, as well as any document that proves the ownership of the phone. If the reason for the report is due to debt or non-payment, the owner must be up to date with the payment.

Can I unlock my mobile phone even if it has been reported?

Yes, of course, but keep this in mind: the unblocking or release of a phone is independent of the theft report. Unlocking a mobile phone allows you to use it on any network or operator worldwide other than the one of origin.

However, even if the phone is unlocked, you probably won't be able to make or issue calls until you resolve the report.

If your phone is unlocked, in some cases, it may work properly and you may even be able to make calls.

However, this is not guaranteed. We always recommend that you resolve the report before trying to use a mobile on a new network.

My phone was stolen. How do I add it to the report/blacklist?

The first thing you should do is call your operator immediately. In many cases you will be asked to prove the ownership of the mobile (in case it was bought unlocked), as well as the report of theft or loss made to the police. I want to buy a used mobile phone. What should I check before making a purchase? The most important thing is that the seller provides you with the IMEI so that you can perform an independent check on your own. Buying a mobile phone is an important investment, so we recommend that you get a full report.

When checking the IMEI, ask the buyer for a single photo or a video by carrying out the process of consulting the IMEI of the phone (by pressing *#06#) They sold me a cell phone with a theft report. What can I do?