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How to check Iphone IMEI?

Check iPhone warranty status. Recommended if you buy a used iPhone. We inform you of the official date when the warranty ends. After having verified the imei number you will receive the data readout from the iPhone servers.

In the result you will find among others

  • Country of origin and network of the iPhone phone
  • Warranty information of the iPhone phone
  • Software version of the iPhone phone
  • Date of purchase of the iPhone phone
Not always all information is available, by entering the imei number you will receive the current data, also receive information about the status of the activation lock (Find My iPhone status).

When talking about the iPhone IMEI we refer to a 15-digit code, numbers that are sometimes separated from each other, so it is better for you when you are going to copy it.

It's as if your cell phone had a license plate that would come to be the IMEI (International Mobile System Equipment Identity), a code that identifies the device unequivocally worldwide and is transmitted by the device when connected to the network.

This serial is the one you could use in case of theft or loss to remotely lock your device, ensuring that the thief would have a device that he could not use.

Therefore and also when you go to buy a used equipment, you have to make the iPhone IMEI query of the mobile device.

When you go to buy a used equipment, you have to make the iPhone IMEI query of the mobile device.

How can you do it? We will explain it to you through the five different ways Apple has to find out the iPhone IMEI.

Verify iPhone IMEI

Here we will introduce you to the simple methods to verify iPhone IMEI.

From settings

One of the easiest ways to view iPhone IMEI is from the settings. To do this go to Settings/General/Info and scroll down.

You can see IMEI on iPhone under the Bluetooth address

One of the advantages of viewing IMEI on iPhone in this way is that if you tap for a few seconds on top of it, you can copy and paste it wherever you want

From the numeric keypad

This is the same method you can use from any other cell phone. If you did it once and remember it, you can also use it on your iPhone.

To do IMEI query iPhone Apple iPhone from the numeric keypad do the following:

  • Open the Phone app
  • Tap on Keyboard.
  • Type *#06# and you will see the number on the screen.
  • Touch OK

Looking behind the iPhone

If you want to check Apple iPhone IMEI just turn it over and look at the small print located below the text placed by the manufacturer. It may also be that the casing has been changed, so this method may not be completely reliable unless the device has always been in your possession.

If you want to check the IMEI of your iPhone, just turn it over and look at the small print underneath the manufacturer's text.

Looking at it in the box

Although many times buyers don't usually keep the box of the device, this is another way to see iPhone IMEI. For this case just take a look on the stickers placed on the bottom of the box to find out the code.

From iTunes

The other method that allows you to view iPhone IMEI is from iTunes. The way is not that it's more difficult, but it's the least useful because you'll see it on the go and you won't have time to write it down or anything. So, to get your code from iTunes do the following:

  • With the CONTROL key held down, go to the iTunes/About iTunes menu.
  • There you will see your iPhone details appear and, among them, is the IMEI.
  • As a warning, remember that this code is important information about your device, so you should not give the IMEI to anyone unless it is strictly necessary. Of course, do not post it on social networks either.

View Blocked iPhone IMEI

One of the things you should be clear about is that as a user you cannot lock a device by IMEI. In the event that you lose or become a victim of theft of your iPhone, you will have to ask for help from your operator.

To do this it is best that you make a call, but first you will have to locate the IMEI of your device or the one you want to block. As we explained above, there are several ways to see IMEI iPhone, but in this case the method number 4 is the most indicated.

It almost always happens that by not foreseeing the IMEI iPhone query, once you lose the phone or it is stolen you have no way to know the code. But if you keep the box, you just have to look for it and look at the sticker located on the bottom (once lying in its natural position).

With the IMEI is visible, you can call your operator and ask them to block your phone. They will probably ask you some questions to verify your identity and that you are the rightful owner of the iPhone you are going to lock, something that should be no problem because you are supposed to be the owner of the device.

With the IMEI visible, you can call your carrier and ask them to lock your phone.

In any case, as there is Find My iPhone, before see IMEI iPhone locked we recommend you try to locate it and even contact the person who found it.

For this case go to or access the app from another iOS device. Once you log in you can set it as lost, add a message on the lock screen, lock it or delete the content.

Verify Apple iPhone IMEI

When you lose your mobile and you already did the verify Apple iPhone IMEI process, then we recommend you to follow the following steps:

  • Add a message on the lock screen: Think very well what you are going to write because you don't want to be too aggressive. If your phone was stolen, the offender could throw it, break it or do any other act in response to your message. We recommend putting something like "Hello, you have my phone. Call me back. Thanks."
  • Make it ring: Maybe whoever has your phone doesn't know about it or you left it somewhere and no one noticed. As silly as it sounds, there are times when people confuse someone else's equipment thinking it's theirs. You can then call or ring it so that whoever has it notices. It's quite possible that you'll return to pick up your iPhone and return the one you had taken by (alleged) mistake.

With all of this, the person who has your iPhone learns that they are carrying a phone that doesn't belong to them and where it is.

Luckily you get it back and the device still works. Now if you lock it by IMEI, the iPhone would become a sort of ornament even if it comes back to its rightful owner.

If you lock it by IMEI, the iPhone would become a sort of ornament even if it comes back to its rightful owner.

It is vitally important that when purchasing a new Apple device, you should check reported iPhone IMEI, especially when the equipment is second hand and thus know if it is locked.

The main reason why companies block a mobile device through the IMEI code, is because its owner lost it or it was stolen illegally.

For this reason you must be sure about the validity of the IMEI code linked to the device and thus verify that its origin is completely legal.

Check iPhone by IMEI

The telephone companies are the ones that, in general, have the power to block and unblock cell phones through the IMEI code.

In certain circumstances you may need to do an iPhone IMEI lookup to unlock a device, especially if you have lost it and managed to recover it.

We recommend you to contact the phone company responsible for the blocking, to formally confirm that you have the phone back with you and that you are the legal owner. Remember to have (if possible) the relevant purchase invoices.

Finally, if you are unlucky enough to have your iPhone stolen, be very cautious of supposed Apple emails you receive.

Always check the security of websites where Apple asks you to sign in.

Also, if you're going to turn in your iPhone for a renewal promotion at a non-Apple authorized center (an insurance company, a phone carrier), be sure to erase all data on the device first.